Cebu International Beach Festival

January 25-27, 2019 in Cebu.
3 days of Sun, Sea, Sand, and lots of partying!

Cebu Salsa Club

Cebu Salsa Club started the social dancing scene in 2011. Since then, there are over 900+ students that have participated in a class, workshop, or have gone social dancing. As active promoters, teachers, organizers, and ambassadords of dance, Cebu Salsa Club is committed to supporting and growing the local dance community through professional instructions, fellowship, and camaraderie.

Cebu Salsa Club hosts and organizes events, workshops, and classes, as well as bring international teachers to grace Cebu's shores.

Classes, Workshops, and Events

We all know that joining a new group or taking up something new can be daunting, especially when it comes to dancing. We’ve all been there. Cebu Salsa Club offers fun, enthusiastic, and friendly classes for everyone who wants to learn. From Salsa Cubana, Bachata, LA Salsa, Kizomba, to NY Salsa…it’s easy to pick a dance you will be comfortable with and have fun in.

Group Classes

You don’t need a partner to join our classes…as long as you come, learn, and enjoy your dancing. Our classes are based on a friendly atmosphere where the Cebu Salsa Club team gets everyone to enjoy themselves while learning to dance.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the best way to achieve results in the shortest period of time. You move at your own pace with individualized one-on-one attention and get the flexibility to fit your schedule with the pressure.

Special Events

We cater to corporate or private events with group lessons at the start to get everyone dancing! We do require a core team from the group to take private lessons first as they will be assisting us and encouraging their workmates to join.

Cebu International Beach Festival

January 25-27, 2019

3 days of Sun, Sea, Sand, and lots of DANCING!

Bringing in multiple International Artists and Performers in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Afro, and other dance styles trending around the world. The Cebu International Beach Festival brings you 22 hours of Workshops, 6 hours of Special Bootcamps, Pool Parties, Sunset Parties, a Special Cebu Booze Cruise VIP Boat Party, Performances, Jack & Jill Competitions, Dinner Buffet, Extended Happy Hour, Raffles, Prizes, and lots of Surprises!

Upcoming Workshops

Catch us in November for EXCITING Bootcamps and Tasters Workshops to get you ready for January!

For those who bought tickets to the Cebu International Beach Festival 2019, we want to help you get ready for the workshops so make sure to join us if you are in town!

Past workshops and events:

  • Cebu Beach Fiesta: Afro-Latin Beach Party (Cebu)
  • Social Dancing Tasters Workshop with Cebu Salsa Club (Cebu)
  • Cebu Sensual Weekend with Alex Alberola (Spain)
  • Urban Kiz Lifts & Tricks with Miço Boz (Netherlands)
  • Kizomba Fundamentals with Meyer Stansberry (USA)
  • International Rueda Flashmob Day (Cebu)
  • Latin Dance Marathon with Richard David Tholoor (India)
  • Sensual Bachata with David Phillips (USA)
  • Cubana with Armando Torres-Paez (Cuba)
  • Salsa Styling with Artia Zandian (Australia)
  • Kizomba Foundations with Dom Medenilla (Manila)
  • NY Salsa with Hugh Kim (South Korea)
  • Bachata with Stephanie McKay (Australia)
  • NY Salsa with Ray Gerard (Australia)
  • NY Salsa with Ernest Wolfgang (Germany)
  • Cuban Salsa Tasters with Dayle "RJ" Marquez (Scotland)
  • Easy Salsa with Sharna Wilds (UK)
  • Introduction to Kizomba with Eva and Krisztian Kiszner (Hungary)